Powerful women surround me everywhere,

Though battered and bruised,

Though trampled on, abused,

I see you powerful woman,

Your strength shines through.

Your back strains under the burden,

Of all the odds stacked against it,

Your jaw tightens at the vicious whispers ,

And yet, you don’t flinch,

I see you powerful woman,

Don’t let them get to you.

Your gains are made light,

With each step forward,

They try to shove you out of sight,

“Shut up!” they scream, “Know your place!”

Yet you, powerful woman,

Endure their judgements with grace.

You walk through fire, head upturned,

While your feet blister,

And bubble as it burns,

In pain, tears stream down your face,

Yet you keep walking, powerful woman,

Keep walking right on through the rat race.

Your stature is mocked,

Beauty whitewashed,

Intellect questioned,

Paycheck lessened,

I feel you powerful woman,

The haters keep on pressin’.

They throw stones from their glass house,

They throw shade from their moral high ground,

Yet you persevere, you expand, you prosper.

Because despite your weakness and transgressions,

Despite your self doubt and self criticism,

Woman hear me…

“You Are Strong!”

G.L Odgers

Arsenal, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Strategist, Margarita’s, Youtube Addict ← In that order! Instagram: @MissGailis