Who’s Teaching Who?

I’ve been out of school for a while, I won’t say how long, but every now and then a debate sparks amongst my group of friends as to what we learnt in school that we carried into our adult lives.

Looking back, one of the most lacking tutorials in high school was CV writing, and that’s no reflection on my very adept English teacher.

Writing a cover letter and CV that’s current and relevant to the ever changing business world, particularly with the advent of the digital age, means that it’s something that should be discussed by those receiving the CV, not a generic of what educators think employers are looking for.

Here are a few tips on what to do and what not to do when writing a CV:

1. Go Digital!

It’s the digital age, so why put your CV on paper? Most digital CV’s allow the option of downloading your online resume into a PDF if an old school employer wants a hard copy. See www.sumry.in/gailodgers as an example of a digital CV.

2. Microsoft Office is NOT a skill

Listing your skills are great, but being proficient in Microsoft Office has not been a ‘skill’ since about 2004. Unless you’re specifically applying for a job in which being proficient in Microsoft Office is a requirement.

3. Hobbies

No one cares if you collect Hello Kitty stickers from around the world or if you’re the captain of the dart club.

4. Your email address speaks volumes!

Just like MSN messenger IDs raised eyebrows before the IM’s death, the likes of hotmail, AOL and Yahoo! email addresses brings to question how current the applicants digital knowledge is.

5. Social Media is your friend

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Vimeo, Youtube, Google ← These are all your best friends when applying for a job. Just make sure your online profile is up to scratch before you apply for the position, i.e. That the world sees what you want them to see!

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