A Year In The Life…

Gail Odgers
2 min readMar 13, 2018


It’s been twelve months since I first saw your face

Twelve months since I first said your name

A calendar year since I first embraced my girl

Who came softly, gracefully, joyfully into this world

I remember how we couldn’t wait to meet you

It now seems impossible to contemplate a time without you

My new favourite pastime is people watching through your eyes

You see everything in colour, everyone in light

And when those big brown eyes turn to me

I feel the weight of responsibility

Responsibility to keep that smile in place

To keep that glow radiating on your face

My mission for you, my girl, in year one of your life

Is to instil in you a measure of self belief

The knowledge that you can achieve what your heart desires

The faith that wherever your feet may fall, their lay your empire

I’ve watched you sit up, watched you crawl, watched you walk

I’ve weened you from my breast, I’ve mushed your veg, seen you gawk

As your protector, your guide

Your cheerleader, your ally

I can’t promise that life won’t knock you down at times

Break your spirit sometimes

That illness, weakness, disappointment won’t affect you in this lifetime

But I will be there to wipe away every tear

I’ll be there to calm all of your fears

You’re one years old and you’re just finding your stride

Here’s a promise you can count on in the future my girl

Me and you…. we’re ride or die

-GL Odgers-



Gail Odgers

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