A Tribute To Our Friendship

Gail Odgers
2 min readMar 8, 2018


Doing Life With You

You’re always on my side

No matter how much I fail

Even when the fault is mine

When my ugly rears, your loyalty perseveres

I’ve done nothing to deserve it

Often I’m not worth it

I make a mess when working through shit

Yet every time, you’re there to push me through it

I’m in awe of your devotion

You laugh when I smile, you’re sad when I cry

Even when they’re tears of shame, when haters take aim

You love me all the same, I’ll ever know why

So this is a tribute to you

A song of praise to your kindness

A letter of admiration to your strength

This is a SHOUT of gratitude

That I get to do life you with, my friend

May our years together be many

May our celebrations far exceed the darkness

May we overcome any:

Obstacles, bad decisions, wrong choices and disagreements

They say good friends are like stars

If so, you shine the brightest

There’s so much in life you deserve

I’ll start with this tribute to our friendship



Gail Odgers

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