I wasn’t born free,

I was six when freedom walked out of prison to come find me,

I was too young to understand the system I had been living in,

Yet I was somehow aware of the shadows that system thrived in.

I wasn’t born free,

I was 10 when my grandmother voted X for democracy,

Later that year she lost her life,

But for those few short months, she had ‘equal rights’.

She was able to walk into any store, sunbathe on any shore,

But it didn’t take away the hurt from before,

Freedom found her too late,


It’s been twelve months since I first saw your face

Twelve months since I first said your name

A calendar year since I first embraced my girl

Who came softly, gracefully, joyfully into this world

I remember how we couldn’t wait to meet you

It now seems impossible to contemplate a time without you

My new favourite pastime is people watching through your eyes

You see everything in colour, everyone in light

And when those big brown eyes turn to me

I feel the weight of responsibility

Responsibility to keep that smile in place

To keep that glow radiating on…

Doing Life With You

You’re always on my side

No matter how much I fail

Even when the fault is mine

When my ugly rears, your loyalty perseveres

I’ve done nothing to deserve it

Often I’m not worth it

I make a mess when working through shit

Yet every time, you’re there to push me through it

I’m in awe of your devotion

You laugh when I smile, you’re sad when I cry

Even when they’re tears of shame, when haters take aim

You love me all the same, I’ll ever know why

So this is a tribute to you

A song of praise…

A friend I follow on Instagram recently posted the meme: X marks your comfort zone, and off in the distance, Y marks “Where the magic happens…” Only when I saw the post — and double tapped it — did I realise, ‘Oh… that’s what’s happening to me!”

A simple image hardly does justice to my now (very) uncomfortable existence, how I got here, and how to get “Where the magic happens…” I would say my headline paints a more accurate picture. I had to base jump off the cliff of my comfort zone.

See you don’t just meekly step out…

Powerful women surround me everywhere,

Though battered and bruised,

Though trampled on, abused,

I see you powerful woman,

Your strength shines through.

Your back strains under the burden,

Of all the odds stacked against it,

Your jaw tightens at the vicious whispers ,

And yet, you don’t flinch,

I see you powerful woman,

Don’t let them get to you.

Your gains are made light,

With each step forward,

They try to shove you out of sight,

“Shut up!” they scream, “Know your place!”

Yet you, powerful woman,

Endure their judgements with grace.

You walk through fire, head upturned,

While your…

‘Oh My, You’ve Gained Weight, Hey?’

We’re all on this journey…

Unless you have the metabolism of Kenyan long distance runner, it’s likely that your weight will have fluctuated at least once in your life. I’m beginning to learn that, after 30, keeping your weight under control is a life-long battle. You don’t just get to a healthy place and stay there, every single day is a struggle and a choice.

Just look at the different diet’s on the market. There’s the no carb diet, the healthy carb diet, the high protein diet, the vegetarian diet, the portion control diet, the high fat diet, the…

I’m utterterly, irrevocably, unequivovably wrapped up in the Oscar Pistorius judgement, like every other citizen of the planet I imagine. Work? Bah! I’m throwing popcorn at the TV, vilifying Judge Masipa after what was (in my opinion) a terrible judgement! But because my legal knowledge is warped between Suits, Law & Order and Najwa Petersen and because I’m way too emotional, and downright judgemental, I requested the legal opinion of an expert, Advocate Ashleigh Christians, who here explains how Judge Masipa erred.

“By now we know that Oscar Pistorius was found not guilty of murder because, as Judge Thokozile Masipa…

The 5 Stages of Strategising

Much like the five stages of grief, digital strategising can be a harrowing experience. Those of you who do it frequently know that you can stare into the abyss of a blank screen for days trying to develop the perfect strategy, and then when things finally come together, you can finish it in a matter of hours.

The research required to get started on a digital strategy is daunting in itself. And by now we know that ALL digital properties need a sound strategy. You need to know the platform intimately, know the content, know the audience and what type…

Who’s Teaching Who?

I’ve been out of school for a while, I won’t say how long, but every now and then a debate sparks amongst my group of friends as to what we learnt in school that we carried into our adult lives.

Looking back, one of the most lacking tutorials in high school was CV writing, and that’s no reflection on my very adept English teacher.

Writing a cover letter and CV that’s current and relevant to the ever changing business world, particularly with the advent of the digital age, means that it’s something that should be discussed by…

Facebook: Then & Now

Most social media markers will know that in 2014, Facebook flipped on us. They rolled out a change in algorithm and the happy days of freely communicating with our audience came to an abrupt end.

The new algorithm has brought organic reach to its knees. One of my pages grew an average of 7000 – 10, 000 likes a week. From the beginning of 2014, it failed to grow by even 10, 000 likes in five months. The message was clear, if you want more likes, you’ll have to pay for it. Or do you?

Since likes shouldn’t be your…

Gail Odgers

Arsenal, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Strategist, Margarita’s, Youtube Addict ← In that order! Instagram: @MissGailis

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